Corporate Advisory Division



PRB Wealth Management’s Corporate Advisory Division is here to service most of your corporate financial needs.  

A strong corporate financial plan is instrumental to setting the foundation for future success. We want you to have the financial confidence regarding your business so you can move forward without distractions

PRB Wealth Management has designed its corporate financial advisory division to help bring business owners that financial confidence.  We have a strong expertise in setting up customizable corporate retirement plans for your company so executives and owners can begin saving for retirement.  We utilize insurance and risk management solutions to protect the business and its top employees. Finally, we provide business planning services to help with unique financial issues, financial planning, and preparing your company for a sale or a succession plan.

Why our clients hire us for their Corporate needs:

  1.  Customizable Retirement Plans
  2.  Education regarding financial choices
  3.  Securing the well-being of a business with insurance products
  4.  Business Planning services so your business is ready to work towards success

Corporate Retirement Plans

401K/403B/Roth 401K

Defined Benefit Plans

Cash Balance Plans

Defined Contribution Plans

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Risk Management

Buy/Sell & Key Man Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

P+C Insurance

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Health Benefits

Group Health Insurance

Professional Employer Organization

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Business Planning*

Financial Planning

Corporate Financial Issues

Exit Strategy

Succession Planning

CFO Services

*Through the help of our strategic partners

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