Risk Management


PRB Wealth Management believes Risk Management is an integral part of a plan for individuals or corporations.  The resulted confidence of being covered in the event of an unforeseen life challenge is important for achieving financial security.  For over thirty years we have strived to solidify the well-being of our clients through the appropriate use of risk management.  The past has demonstrated that insurance provides certainty in uncertain times*.  Having an objective third party evaluate and assess your insurance needs is critical in today's economic environment.

*Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

Life Insurance

Life insurance serves as the foundation of any comprehensive financial plan.  It can help ensure financial stability for your family and your business in the event of premature death.  Life insurance, in addition, can be used as an investment vehicle using creative strategies.

Disability Income Insurance

To work to maintain your standard of living it is imperative that your income be protected.  Disability Income Insurance can protect all, or a portion, of your income if you become disabled for a lengthy period of time. 

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term health care costs can have a devastating effect on a family's finances.  Long Term Care Insurance could provide the care needed in an affordable manner.