Bibi Roopan

Bibi Roopan

Manager, Broker Dealer Operations

Bibi Roopan joined PRB Wealth Management in 2006. She worked closely with Ian S. Baker – President, in managing client services and operations. She was then promoted to Manager of Investment Operations in 2013. Ms. Roopan works diligently with clients to provide exceptional services, including account analysis, assisting our financial advisors with performance reporting, accounts transfers and plan reviews.

Ms. Roopan’s experience includes working with advanced financial tools, such as Morningstar Advisor Workstation, Albridge OneSource Integration System, and Redtail Technology CRM Systems.

In keeping with the company’s vision, Ms. Roopan is dedicated to the well being of all our clients and is committed to acting in their best interest.

Ms. Roopan holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Finance.