Denzil Dias

Denzil Dias


Denzil Dias is the Senior Vice President of Investments and Wealth Management at PRB Wealth Management.  Mr. Dias joined PRB Wealth Management in 2003 as a Sales Associate in the Investment and Retirement Planning Division. He was subsequently promoted to Manager of New Business Operations - Life and Disability Income Insurance. In 2009 he was asked to join Ian S. Baker – President of PRB Wealth Management, as a partner to help develop and implement Wealth Management and Retirement Planning strategies.

Mr. Dias brings a wealth of analytical acumen and extensive technical skills to the development of individual Retirement Strategies for clients in a world of ever changing technological advances and investment strategies. His experience includes working with advanced Financial Planning tools such as Wealth Evaluator, Morningstar Advisor Workstation, Albridge OneSource Integration System, and Redtail Technology CRM Systems. All geared toward providing a cutting edge approach to Holistic Retirement Planning and Wealth Management.

Mr. Dias holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Finance and a minor in Computer Science. 

He is currently pursuing his CFP® designation through New York University (NYU) in Manhattan.