Marc C. Harary

Marc C. Harary is a Financial Advisor at PRB Wealth Management. For the past 14 years, Marc has helped individuals, families, and businesses work towards achieving their financial goals through a holistic approach to financial planning.

In the early part of his career, Marc was dedicated to helping individuals work towards financial security for children and dependents with special needs and their families. Focusing on planning for children and dependents with disabilities gave Mr. Harary the opportunity to affect positive change within his community. He educated families on protecting their eligibility for government benefits and assisted them in long-term financial planning, guiding them through the financial and legal framework that impacted the future of their dependents.

Currently Marc works with various small and mid-size businesses in the Tri-State area. His industry experience allows him to design optimal, cost-effective benefits strategies for business owners and their employees. Marc’s dedication to providing his clients with suitable group health insurance, life, and disability income insurance can provide business owners, their employees, and their families a much needed sense of security during these changing times.

Marc also works with individuals ranging from young professionals to retirees seeking formal financial planning. Marc is dedicated to providing his clients with one-on-one attention and excellent customer service. His approach is achieved through a Five-Step Strategy that accounts for Cash Flow Analysis, Asset Management, Risks, Hazards, and Tax Management. Utilizing this method, Marc provides his clients with a comprehensive overview that outlines their risks and opportunities. Marc prides himself on establishing and maintaining strong, confidential relationships with his clients and assisting them in all their financial planning needs.